They say you can never go Home...

Soldiers of Sparta were allowed to return home after lost battles, only if carried dead upon their shields. I'm convinced this is a more practical and time-saving way to go about it.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

At the Gym

I've been going to the gym frequently, in a desperate attempt to meet new people and perhaps make a friend or two. The going's been rather tough, thus far.

During my workout, a dude and, ostensibly, his [slightly zaftig] girlfriend arrived, ostensibly, to do a couples workout. I went about my own business, methodically plodding through my routine. At some point, I looked up to see aforementioned Dude sitting at a bench with some 5 sets of free weights arranged around him in some speechless U pattern. I was completely irritated at this boldness. Was it really necessary to sit there and systematically heave through all these dumbells in order to impress his girlfriend, at the expense of depriving everyone else of the right to use the equipment? For God's sake, couldn't they do their foreplay somewhere else? Somewhere not in the vicinity of those trying to finish their exercise?

Then I felt bad for being so judgmental. I mean, big deal, right? If it's helping the guy get lucky, then why should I be such a player hater? Do I really want to be a bitter, jealous person who is going to resent heavily anyone else who's getting laid on a regular basis?

No, I don't think I do.