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Thursday, October 14, 2004

Another Reason Why the Swedish Are So Incredibly Awesome

A recent letter from Volvo:

Temple Terrace, FL XXXXX-XXXX

Dear Zeke,

We hope you were not affected by the recent disaster in your area, but if you were, please accept our sympathy and concern.

Volvo understands that you may experience temporary financial problems due to conditions beyond your control. We are available to help if you need it. We can offer payment extensions allowing you to defer your next one or two monthly payments. While an extension will allow you to defer a monthly payment until a later date, interest may continue to accrue on the deferred payments if you executed a simple interest contract with us. If you need assistance, please call our Customer Service Center at this toll-free number:



We truly appreciate your business and want you to know that we are here to assist you.


Your Friends at Volvo Car Finance.

MY Friends at Volvo. My Friends. At Volvo.

*Sigh.* I love my Volvo, and I love it even more with the thought in mind that one or more brilliant Swedes are concerned with my possible plight. It's like having a guardian angel or something.
I think mine shall be named Per.

Hmm. Well, okay--technically, the writer or this letter is likely holed up in a US subsidiary in NJ with bad lighting and terrible ventilation, rather than a sleek office building that I had imagined, awash with halogen lighting and overlooking the North Sea. But no matter. It's the thought that counts, which undoubtedly came straight from Göteborg.

I must say; it's a damn nice feeling, the idea that someone in Europe is thinking of some silly Floridians battered about by four hurricanes, and their ability make a payment on their Swedish Taurus. Especially in light of all else that's going on in this World.